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Veux-tu m’épouser maintenant? (Will you marry me now?)

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Can I have a fox as a pet?

Can I have a fox as a pet?


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The cat ate my homework


The cat ate my homework

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How i treat all the relationships i pursue


• I want you, I don’t need you, so if you’re disrespectful i’ll check you no hesitation.
• Once we’re together i’m committed everyone else is irrelevant.
• I’m gonna support, encourage, advise, and help you the best I can.
• I’m gonna be honest even if it hurts


Ducklings have great brakes.


Ducklings have great brakes.

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Exploring Stefan’s new campus, saw an open space, and I had to. Lol. Now, to get my needle. #scorpion #dance #stopdropanddance

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I like scotch eggs, and I cannot lie.


I like scotch eggs, and I cannot lie.

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Lundi, 18 Août 2014

So, my younger brother is leaving for college tonight. We’re driving him 7 hours away. I think has A LOT more items packed than I did when I was going away to college for my freshman year. Initially, I was very sad about him leaving me. Even though he’s 4 1/2 years my junior, we’re like best friends. And no one understands how and why we’re so close. I’m still sad about it, but now, I’m actually kind of jealous that he’s leaving: he’ll be away from our parents. I know that sounds bad, but seriously, even I can’t wait to become independent to the point where I can financially support myself. It’s time. I love my parents, but I can’t do this anymore. 

I know, I sound like my 17 year old self again. I thought was over this, but I guess I’m not.

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Repost from the photographer himself @jreidphoto

Conversation with my mum that morning prior to this shoot:
Mum: *sees shoes in the living room* What were you doing with those shoes?
Me: I was dancing in them.
Her: *in Patois* Yuh nuh ‘fraid you break your ankles?
Me: God had not given us a spirit of fear.
Her: *laughs* But He gave us common sense!

You can imagine, I was hesitant about doing this, but I trusted that Justin was going to get a cool shoot. And he did. Even though this might’ve been THE SHORTEST session we had even done, it was worth it.
Now I can say I’ve danced in 7 inch heels. LOL!

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Consider this a..very early #mcm 😂
Skarsgård 😍
Maybe I can find one like him when I move to Sweden. 😁

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